Ole's Puka Kanohina Caves Selection Criteria

Conservancy Cave Preserves

The conservancy currently maintains 2 properties - Ole's Puka and Kanohina Caves.

Land owners can gain tax advantages by leasing property to us, or arranging for conservation easments or trusts. We can also offer advice on managing your cave and protecting its resources.

If you know of a cave that needs protection, are thinking of selling or donating your cave, or would like to talk to us about managing your cave, please feel free to contact us or check out our landowner page

Selection Criteria

The following list is a set of guidelines that the Cave Conservancy of Hawai`i uses to select projects:

  1. Significant surface archeological features.
  2. Significant cave related features. Ie: underlying cave passage or entrances.
  3. Cave features that are in danger of destruction by development or vandalism.
  4. Caves with significant archeological, biological, paleontological or geological resources.
  5. Land with historical value.
  6. Land with caves that are of scenic enjoyment to the general public.

The CCH will follow the guidelines of the National Speleological Society for conservation of cave resources.