Oles Puka Clean Up

Members of the Cave Conservancy of Hawai`i recently performed a clean up of Ole's Puka in Ocean View Hawai`i. The participants were Matt Blum, Chuck Chavdarian, Ric Elhard, and Cindy Heazlit. All photos are by Cindy Heazlit.

Gargabe at the puka 1

There was plenty of garbage in the puka, including part of someone's roof!

More garbage

The garbage went all the way down the slope, and even into the entrance pit.

Still More garbage

Still more garbage falling off the road and sliding into the pit

Matt & Ric help

Matt Blum and Ric Elhard start to haul garbage out of the entrance slope. The slope was unstable and treacherous.

Loading gargabe into the truck.

Starting to load garbage onto the truck. If you look closely you'll see a child's car seat and the center console of an automobile. You won't see the diaper "bombs" and their green contents. The smell was incredible!

The garbage is passed up

Ric Elhard, Matt Blum, and Chuck Chavdarian perform a fireman's pass of the garbage. The slope was too unstable to simply haul the garbage up. Each person had to lock their feet in the rocks and pass the garbage up to the next person.

A clean slope!

A clean slope!

Loaded up truck

Chuck, Matt, and Ric standing beside the now full truck.


The last bit of work - a "no dumping" sign to make sure that the pit stays clean. CCH members actually installed several signs along the road.

One full truck

The truck ready to go to the waste transfer station. Well done!